• 2010
  • Renegade Pictures
  • Discovery

The most famous murder in history and we all know who did it – right?  Judas, the High Priest and the crowd of Jews who bayed for Jesus’ blood.  But pore over the gospels and replay the familiar scenes of the Passion in the style of an Agatha Christie whodunnit and a new cast of villains emerge from the shadows.

The early Christian gospel writers, writing decades after the death of their Messiah, had a secret agenda to demonise their Jewish ancestors and to cosy up to their new Roman congregation.  Plenty of other suspects lurk in the gospels – rival preachers, a murderous prince and a brutal real life Pontius Pilate who would never, ever wash his hands of responsibility.  A gritty murder mystery, this feature length drama-doc turns the Passion story on its head.  (2010)