Mark Lewis is an enormously gifted film-maker.  I think he is one of the top factual film directors in the world.  I know him best for his films for ‘Secrets of the Dead’ on Channel 4 and later Five, where he blazed a trail with some of the first great documentaries to combine strong narratives, forensic science, and stunning drama reconstruction – films including ‘Zulu Dawn’, ‘Bewitched’, ‘D-Day – the Ultimate Conflict’ and ‘The Plague Survivors’.   It’s an approach that has been widely emulated.  As well as the big vision, he also takes great attention to detail.  A Mark Lewis film is always a joy.

Dan Chambers, MD Blink Films, Former Director of Programmes for Five, Former Commissioning Editor for History and Science, Channel 4

Mark Lewis is one of the most exciting directors working anywhere in television today.  He combines great visual and directorial flair with personal charm and terrific organization skills.  He manages ambitious drama teams with great confidence and has repeatedly proven himself in his work with Lion in testing international locations in the Middle East, North Africa and China.  Mark is a great motivator and gets the best from his team and his actors.  He understands process well, and is able to navigate the world of CGI and post-production with great skill.  His films have immense visual strength.  As someone who had a strong grounding in factual television before moving into drama, he has a respect for both story and the strengths one can draw from factual truth, and he has the ability to ensure that his films always look considerably richer than the budget with which he is working.

I am not alone in my admiration for his work.  Here’s what the US press said about his Emmy-award winning series for Lion TV on the Crusades: 

“Impressive …and thrilling” (New York Times), “Luxuriously produced …this fine series should be mandatory viewing” (New York Post), “Action-packed  …this brilliant two-part documentary has it all” (Los Angeles Times).

And about his wonderful factual drama on the Forbidden City in China:

“A cracking, shocking story.” (Radio Times), “It looked stunning …the story is remarkable with the narrative style of an airport thriller” (The Independent), “Sumptuous dramatisations … writer/director Mark Lewis even includes a little ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ martial arts combat  …well worth an hour and a half of your Saturday evening!” (The Observer) “And finally there are the reconstructions – ‘Indiana Jones’ meets ‘˜The Last Emperor ‘ with the odd ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ thrown in …a lively, melodramatic film which, by drawing comparisons with modern-day Beijing is fascinating, relevant and revelatory.” (Time Out)

Richard Bradley, Managing Director Lion TV

“Mark joined us at Renegade in 2009 to make a challenging two hour drama documentary for Discovery – their main Easter offering “Who Framed Jesus?”.  It was to be a scripted drama – with full dialogue, and recounted the last week of Jesus’ life.  Mark was a pleasure to work with – calm, professional and with real flair both as a director and as a producer.  The film – shot largely in Tunisia – looked superb, and was loved by the Executives at Discovery with whom Mark maintained an excellent relationship.  I’d love to work with him again – hopefully on a full scale feature length drama for TV or cinema.  He certainly has the skills to meet either challenge.”

Alan Hayling, Editorial Director Renegade Pictures, Former Head of Documentaries BBC, Former Commissioning Editor for Documentaries Channel 4