• 2009
  • Wall to Wall
  • Spike/Discovery

Don’t be put off by the title.  This cult show gives the disaster genre a welcome kick up the ass.  Imagine Bear Grylls inserted into a Bruce Willis movie and you’re not far off.  Shot in Hollywood, I directed 5 out of 10 of these all-stunts-and-explosions, fully scripted action dramas.  “Will you be a survivor or a statistic?  The choice is yours.”

The premise is fantastic.  Take a former Navy SEAL and drop him into real disasters – a plane hijack, a towering inferno, a violent home invasion, a mall siege, a boat capsized in a perfect storm in horribly shark infested waters.  Then have him show the hapless victims – and the audience – how to survive.  You make think this is alarmist but as one expert contributor says of this opening show “9/11 changed it all – now you may have to fight back!”.  I directed 5 of the 10 episodes and the series became cult viewing in the US.