7 years ago, I joined the fantastically hip stable of directors at Raw TV to direct Get Out Alive, an all guns-blazing drama about a Somali pirate attack on a British oil tanker (yeah, I got there first Paul Greengrass!), and the season premiere of Locked Up Abroad about the late Henry Hill, Scorcese’s inspiration for ‘Goodfellas’ …and, errr, I never left.

In 2011, I became an Executive Producer at Raw, throwing my heart and soul into show-running Syfy’s cult horror smash Paranormal Witness‘Scary because it’s true’ is the network’s tag-line. High-end, cinematic ‘true horror’, these fully dramatized chillers are mind-blowing.  Season 1 generated such a buzz, it was recommissioned in a heartbeat. 5 years on, with 5 seasons and 64 one-hour horror movies to show for it, it became one of Raw’s most successful returnable series. The American press call it, “easily the spookiest supernatural series on TV” and “the scariest collection of real-life ghost stories ever told.”

In 2016, I exec’d No Man Left Behind for Nat Geo, 6 high-octane drama-docs about soldiers and pilots caught behind enemy lines . The Times said, “convincing and essential, these films had a palpable sense of stress,” and The Telegraph, “conveying a gut-wrenching sense of what it’s like to be caught behind enemy lines, this was incredibly effective television.”  Last year, I exec’d Waco: Madman or Messiah for A&E.  It’s just gone out and we have smashed the ratings with this 2 x 90 minute specials about the apocalyptic fire that consumed a religious commune in 1994.

As well as show-running, I also dust off my directing shoes for the right project.  In  2015, I directed a feature-length drama for History called Revelation: The End Of Days.  An apocalyptic disaster movie shot in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Canada, this ‘found footage’ film cunningly re-purposes real news archive and blends it with scripted drama to tell the story of Biblical prophecy coming true today. It’s cool.  And frightening.  And weirdly now coming to pass in the Trump era.

And in 2017, I wrote and co-directed Silk Road: Drugs, Death and the Dark Web, a feature-doc thriller about the criminal mastermind behind the billion dollar darknet drugs bazaar.  It aired as the top-rating Storyville of last year and is just to about to air on A&E…

Now I am writing and show-running Unforgotten, a 3-part crime doc for Discovery ID about the newly re-opened  investigation of Chicago serial killer John Wayne Gacy.  Our true crime answer to Mindhunterit’s riveting stuff…