• 2005
  • Lion TV
  • History Channel

This Emmy Award-winning series, one of the History Channel’s biannual ‘marquee productions’, charts the rise and fall of the Crusader Empire.  ‘Lord of the Rings’ opened up the possibility for full-blown CGI battles in the cinema, now it’s TV’s turn. 

The battles of Dorylaeum and Hattin, the sieges of Antioch and Jerusalem, when thousands of Christian and Muslim warriors were pitted against one another, are brought this time to the small screen.

“Impressive …truly informative …thrilling” (New York Times)

“Luxuriously produced … the ‘Crusades’ looks so expensive, it probably cost as much as the crusades …this fine series should be mandatory viewing” (New York Post)

“Action-packed  …this brilliant two-part documentary has it all …the story is a thousand years old and as fresh as today’s headlines” (Los Angeles Times)